Smoking and Your Life Insurance Coverage

Smoking and Life Insurance - blog

It's a sober truth that people who smoke are more likely to have ongoing health problems and a shorter lifespan than non-smokers, making them more of an insurance risk. As a result, life insurance for smokers comes with higher premiums. This can lead to smokers being uninsured or under-insured compared to the average Canadian.

Each insurance carrier has their own definition of what constitutes a smoker, but generally there is a pattern of consistent nicotine use – whether from cigarettes, e-cigarettes or vaping, cigars, chewing tobacco, a nicotine patch or nicotine gum – during the previous 12 months. Occasional use, for example a cigar once a month, may qualify for non-smoking rates.

Once you've been smoke-free for a year (12 consecutive months), you will qualify for non-smoking rates.

Does Cannabis Use Count As Smoking?

Historically, insurance carriers have treated cannabis use with a smoker rating for your policy. However, with the legalization of recreational cannabis smoking in Canada in 2018, many insurers are updating their guidelines and may offer cannabis users non-smoking premiums.

Can I Leave My Smoking Status Off the Application?

We encourage you to be completely truthful from the outset of your life insurance application for a couple of reasons:

  1. If the carrier requires a medical exam to issue your policy, the paramed nurse will administer a urine test which will show any nicotine in your system.
  2. If the worst were to happen and the insurer determines that your death was as a result of a smoking-related complication, there's a possibility your benefits would not be paid out.

Finding the Right Coverage For You

Whether you're currently a smoker or you have plans to quit, the Auxilium Team is ready to support you and help you find insurance coverage that meets your needs. Call Tami at 250-475-6601 to discuss your options today.

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